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Thursday, 26 February 2004

In the SonyEricsson phones, the IM Client configuration resides under the My Friends application on the mobile phone, under the menu option More/Accounts.

The configuration settings you need to enter are:

  • Username – This setting should contain the name of the user account obtained from the Yamigo Server.
  • Domain – This setting should be left blank or you can enter (any other domain will be rejected at login).
  • Password – This setting should contain the password of the user account defined on the Yamigo Server.
  • Server
  • Internet Profile – This setting points to an existing internet profile configured on the mobile phone. Use an appropriate profile that will facilitate connectivity to the HTTP URL of the Yamigo IMPS Server.
  • Allow Connection – This setting allows you to specify whether the IM Client can be used when connected to any network, or if it should only be used when connected to your home network operator. Specify Home Network in most cases to avoid unexpected, and often exorbitant, data roaming charges.

Some SonyEricsson phones will have additional settings, such as Check Interval which specifies an interval in seconds for polling the IMP Server. Please refer to the documentation for your mobile phone for more information.

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